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In order to be considered for funding, potential applicants must first contact Candace Medina (Executive Director) to establish eligibility and alignment of organizational missions.
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Checking the box below and submitting this form certifies that the grantseeking organization retains its public charitable status according to it's online profile, and further certifies that this status is not in danger of being revoked.  In addition, certification affirms that the grantmaking organization has not received any goods or services in conjunction with this grant, and that all information is correct to the best knowledge of the submittor.
Certifying Officer's Name
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Required Attachments
  • Proof of 501 (c)3 status
  • Tax forms for past 3 years.
  • Income statements/balance sheets for past 3 years (audited, preferably).
  • List of Board members, titles, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and compensation (if applicable).
  • List of all financial contributors > $500.00 for the preceding fiscal year.
Mail To:
Candace G. Medina
Executive Director
The Gilbert Foundation
11805 Lake Stone Way
Prospect, Kentucky 40059